Reasons To Love Autumn
The leaves turn from green to gold to brown and fall, freeing themselves from the fingertips of the tree it sprung from; the heat and haze of summer days are a distant memory as a chill hits the air and mist covers all; glistening dew catches the autumnal dawn before hardening, steeling itself, making way for frost and snow. Nature may be taking itself in and locking its doors but when the year comes to an end, my heart feels more alive.
Pecan Pie [recipe]
from thesweetestoccasion
Cinnamon Sugar Twists [recipe]
Merritt Parkway by Ralph Cherubin
I have updated my autumn/fall/winter/seasonal bloglist. I went through and deleted any links to blogs that were no longer active, blogs that had changed their URL and didn’t leave a forwarding page to their new URL or had simply been overtaken by a porn/spam user.
Take a look at the new (and highly edited) list here. If you’re a seasonal blog following me here and I missed you from the list, nudge me and let me know. If you’re not following me and you’d still like to be added - again, let me know.

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by Emily Mingrone
Fireplace by Todd Freeman
living in canada by totororo-roro